• J. Christine Lamb

✶ 2019 Reflections & 2020 Forecast, The Collective Truth ✶

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

It's 12:47pm EST on December 27, 2019, and I'm laughing to myself as I reflect on this year, and the many times that I initially resisted the growth that was offered. But, it all makes sense to me now and I am grateful. "Hindsight is 20/20", as they say!

As I begin this venture into the blog-osphere, Jupiter and the Sun join together in the sky within the sign of Capricorn. There is a deep sense of Self for those with Jupiter aspecting their Sun. Today, the two biggest planets in our solar system join forces; gifting us the will-power and optimism needed to begin any new journey. The message of the week is "dream big", as anything is possible now!

When one cycle ends, another begins. We cannot speak about a new beginning or new year without first reflecting on the culmination at hand. 2019 was many things, but the most notable topic is "truth". 2019 has been a catalyst for owning our individual and collective truths. It was a year of accepting our part in this co-creation. Whether or not we enjoyed what bubbled to the surface, truth we saw. We were faced with challenges and successes that really asked us to connect to our own highest wisdom; that gut feeling that is undeniable. You know the one.

Neptune, the planet of imagination, dissolution and spiritual union, spent more than half of the year in retrograde motion. As a species, we were asked to deepen our conection to spirit, and by association, each other. This brought up feelings of confusion and frustration, as our human-mind wanted clear directives and solid proof of our progress. Neptune is much more whimsical than our ego would prefer. When the ground gave way beneath us, we ranted and raved. When our beliefs were challenged, we began to worry or fear for our safety. But, let's be honest, watching the news will do that too. "Que the fear now", said every broadcaster ever.

Our Eclipse Season took place within the axis of Cancer and Capricorn this year, so many of us questioned the way in which we show up for ourselves, and the world at large. We considered the way in which we provide and nourish ourselves, and our families. We questioned whether our professional goals aligned with our personal goals. We reflected on our past experiences; hopefully, extracting the lessons. We made peace with our parental influence, healing generations of our ancestors; past, present and future. The majority of this work took place beneath the surface, subtling tuning us like an instrument.

See, there is safey in our truth. When we know exactly who it is we are, what gifts we have to offer, what strengths and weakness we perceive, then we are able to navigate the world through our honesty and compassion. When you inner-stand that you are everything, seen and unseen, loved and feared, beautiful and ugly, then there is nothing left to prove. You are just you, the "good", the "bad", and the "Trump". Sorry, but I had to.

The POTUS is simply a reflection, a physical manifestation, for the collective consciousness within this country. He represents all of the seperation, judgement, shame, fear and lack of compassion that resides within all of us. The truth is, in order for humanity to accept and embody unity consciousness, we must first look directly at our current belief systems.

And, this process all starts from within. A truth that we really began to innerstand this year... our connection to one another and our power in numbers.

Let's quickly expound on the word "truth" for a moment. Really, a truth is simply a shared belief; a story that has been told so many times, that it becomes true. A truth begins with a spark of inspiration, followed by a surge of passion to fuel it's growth, and finally, when enough of the population has accepted said truth, it's true, or "real". This is why our news and media outlets have so much influence over the energy and expression of those who partake. Consider for a moment, where do you get your information? Is your truth coming from an outside source, or does your truth guide you from within?

Is the world actually ending, or just beginning?

The answer to this question is for you to decide. Again, your truth.

When you share a truth with another person or a whole community of people, it becomes that much more potent. Your truth is no longer just an idea with which you personally relate, but a belief system that can shape generations.

2019 assisted us in owning our truth, and as a byproduct, it connected us with like-minded people. Our tribe, if you will, became increasingly more apparent as the year progressed.

As we move through this Eclipse Portal into the year known as 2020 (another shared belief, lol), we are grounding and stabilizing our truth. With major planetary players, Pluto and Saturn, joining together in the sky for the first time in 35 years on January 12, 2020, old systems will crumble, both personally and socially. We are making room for new systems to take root; systems that better serve the society that we are today. A society that is embodying it's truth; it's connection, it's unity. Any person, place, job, etc., that aligns with your highest truth will be presented to you with bells and whistles! All else will simply fall by the wayside. This is a collective revealing; a shedding, a re-alignment.

As we make this transition, from one decade to another, consider the influence you have on others, and they you. Are you participating in the co-creation of fear and demise... or love and unity?

What is your truth?